Your brand may already be presented on $36B secondhand market


Trade in service allows your brand to build stronger relationship with customers

Sustainable consumption

Innovation business model creates the opportunity to stand out and instantly turns sellers into buyers. The idea of not just selling but exchanging items helps to minimize the impact on our environment.

More than 80% goods

are NOT used by an average European

64% of women

already bought or willing to buy secondhand items

In 2.3 times

Secondhand market will grow within 3 years

Integrate the trade in service and get your chance to stand out today

44,5% of buyers purchase in the first month after receiving a voucher.
Due to the circular economy principle, customers spend more on 46,8%

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From start to finish

We at Bewearcy cover every detail in the resale process. We manage it all from the item’s pick up

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100% your service

We create the trade in service on a turn-key basis, that allows your customers to easily and quickly exchange their old items for a credit at your brand. Everything from design to communication is done besed on your brand’s style.

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Faster with us

Our experience & capabilities help us to quickly integrate the trade in servicel in your business processes absolutely seamlessly, thus attracting new customers from your competitors by accepting other brand’s goods.


Partner review

“We have long had this project in our thoughts, we understood that the reselling platform will provide additional opportunities for both us and our customers. If before the crisis sustainability ideas lay in the moral and ethical plane, now they are becoming a necessity. People think about conscious consumption and some seek to free the closet from unnecessary things, others - spend less on updating the wardrobe. The resell platform will benefit both. ”

Ivan Khokhlov,CEO of 12Storeez

Press about us

Customer don’t need handed to dry cleaning service, make a presentable photo negotiate about time of met with buyer, Bewarcy cover entire processes and make refresh wardrobe experience simpler

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Bewearcy accept your brand’s goods in a good condition and also others brands

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as the first month show, brand customers actively respond for the offer. Perhaps the point here isn’t only a discount, but the ability to attach an unsuitable thing in good hands

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Uncover the full potential of your brand

We helped 12 STOREEZ to benefit from the secondhand market. Creating the circular model helped them to significantly expand customer loyalty, increase the average check, grow the frequency of purchases, and become sustainable.

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